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Friday February 20, 2015

Authors & Readers Convention - New Orleans


Come meet Rhea Woodruff and get your very own signed copy of Born Special July 30th to August 1st at the Authors & Readers Convention, New Orleans!


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Wednesday September 3, 2014

Born Special Featured on "The 504"!


Rhea Woodruff gives us a preview of her memior, "Born Special", which chronicles her life with disability.


View her interview by clicking on the picture!

 Wednesday August 13, 2014

Upcoming Events!


Book Signing

September 2, 2014


East Bank Library

Metarie, La



RT Booklovers Convention

May 12-17 2015

Hyatt Regency Dallas

Dallas, Tx

Saturday May 16, 2015

11am-8pm is Fan Day

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Thursday July 17, 2014

Born Special on Blog Talk Radio!


Mark your calendars for July 31st! My very supportive guest Author Rhea Woodruff will be chatting it up about her new release that has already sold close to 70 copies in 2 weeks! on Jewels Of the Universe & Spotlighting Authors Of the Month on Blog Talk Radio!


Jewels of the Universe & Author Spotlight of the Month"
Thursdays @6pm EST. on Blog Talk Radio
July 31st, 2014 Guest Author Rhea Woodruff "Born Special" 




Monday June 23, 2014


Authoress Rhea B. Woodruff will be on hand to sign her newly released book, Born Special, Monday June 30th at the Town View Cafe in Belle Chasse.  Come get your very own signed copy of Born Special with a FREE GIFT with purchase!  Complimentary donuts will be provided.  Born Special is sold for $9 per book.


Please join Rhea B. Woodruff

Monday June 30, 2014

Town View Cafe

7918 Belle Chasse Highway, LA 70037

7PM to 9PM






Wednesday June 18, 2014
Born Special Now Available for Purchase!



Born Special by Rhea B. Woodruff is now available for online orders through and Barnes & Noble!  Click on either button below to get your very own copy TODAY!


Barnes & Noble 



Friday May 2, 2014
Born Special Coming Out in June 2014 


Attention: Here is the information on my new Memoir Born Special coming up in June that you been wanting to know about the story. Will you want a copy? I will be giving some giveaways too.

This book will give you an idea of what Rhea's childhood was like and some of the special challenges she faced and the different tragedies our family has endured. Most importantly, you will discover what Rhea experienced as a woman determined to find a loving man who would be a reliable partner. Rhea's life drastically changed for the better when she met Gordon R Woodruff. At that time, my editor Donna Erickson and my sister Angie began to see the value in having Rhea's work published again. Despite the original expense being far beyond what Rhea could afford. Her initial writing and previous horrible experiences with editors and publishers made publishing Born Special so much Sweeter. Rhea developed this book using some of her previous work along with recommendations from her editor. rhea also added more chapters to share her most recent experiences. Rhea is a very determined lady. with Gordon holding her hand, I fully believe rhea will have the life our mother always dreamed she would have.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
New Website!


So happy to finally have my site live!  Please contact me with any requests or questions!  Thank you for stopping by and supporting my dream!


Click on the book Growing Up Special to buy your own copy today!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Author Interview 


Name is Rhea Woodruff

Age 40

Where you are from? I am from North Carolina


Tell us your Latest news. I am publishing my second memoir this summer. My memoir is called Born Special. Its a story about my life growing up and how my life became to what it is today with the loving support of family and friends to get me though my hard times.


When and Why did you began Writing? I started writing in my journal books when I was in high school. I loved to write and I always dreamed of being a writer in my life. I never thought it would came true in my life. I wanted to share my dream with readers and inspire everyone with my story.


When did you first consider yourself a writer? When I first published my first memoir, I consider myself a writer and learned about lots of things I needed to know.


What inspired you to write your first book? When I grew up with a learning problem in my life, I wanted to share my story with others and know what I went though in the hard times and I never gave up on anything I wanted to do.


How did you come up with your title? I came up with the title when I learned about my learning problem and wanted a great title to get the attention of the readers to see what the book is about.


Do you see writing as a career?  Yes I sure do see writing as a career. You just have to write a well written book to get the attention of readers and inspire them.


What was the hardest part of writing your book? I think the hard thing about writing my book was the mean and hard times I went though and try to write them the best way I know how to write it. I have been though a lot in my life.


Did you learn anything from writing your book? Yes I learned a lot about writing a book. My first memoir wasn't done right with editing and I didn't know it didn't help me as a author but it was very inspiring to readers. My second memoir is well written and everyone will love this story more. Its coming out in June 2014 which isn't far away now.


Do you have advice for other writers and need to say something to your readers too? First thing that writers need to know is keep writing your story no matter what and never give up on your dreams as a writer. Someone will take your work and believe in you. For my readers of my first and second memoir, the message is clear for you to see to believe in yourself with your dreams, never let nothing stop you with a career with writing or whatever you heart wants. Check out my story and Be Inspired again.


New Blog Site!

So happy to finally have my new Blog Site up to share with all my readers!  Click this link to read my blogs!

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