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Book Reviews ~ Growing Up Special

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It's been a rough week! As I lay in bed,this morning, my prayers were focused on my own problems. Then suddenly, I thought of Rhea Mayfield and the difficulties she has faced in her life.I guess you could say, that God was using Rhea to give me some much needed encouragement. Thank you Lord! So,I got myself up and re-read a few chapters of " Growing Up Special ". This women really has defied the odds. Doctors claimed she would never walk or talk. I'm sure shes surprised a lot of people, especially those doctors. Her memoir is over 200 pages long. What an awesome accomplishment! She shares her life story ,in such a personal way, you almost feel as if you're right there with her. Rhea Mayfield, is going to inspire and encourage a lot of people with her writing.


Marlene Taylor

July 13, 2013



Rhea has met the daunting challenges life delivered to her while boldly fighting through every step of the way. She has conquered all the things she has set out to do. With her special needs she has proven through her life's journey that anyone can do anything by giving their all and leading with the heart. The book resonates for readers who have their own challenges. I know it will encourage others to grab life by the horns and persevere.


Jackie ~ South Carolina

July 9, 2013



I was very impressed with this new writer. This is a story of overcoming, of having faith in one's self , in becoming the person God created you to be in spite of what the world thinks. I was moved to tears reading the story of this young woman. A woman who could not walk or talk, a woman the world cast aside, a woman who beat all the odds. The writer's style of writing is descriptive and very easy to read. a five star read...



July 8, 2013



The book was great! I am very happy that Rhea never gave up on her hopes and dreams! She is a great example of why you should never give up on what you're truly wanting to do. I am looking forward to reading any other books you write. Thank You for sharing your story and keep up the great work Rhea! :)



November 22, 2013



Everyone has a story, and I thank Rhea for sharing hers with us. Reading her memoir was like reading her personal diary where she takes you along on the events of her day. She lives and writes from her heart. She has overcome much adversity in her life, but remains positive and strong. She's special in many ways, and one of them was making her dream of being an author come true. Keeping living, loving, and writing, Rhea, because there's much more to your story!



Arlene M. Muller

October 22, 2013



Rhea Mayfield's book Growing up Special, is just that special. When she was born her parents were told she would never walk and would have sever learning difficulties. Well, she proved them all wrong in every way! She comes across as a strong and determined woman, and certainly very courageous.
Growing up Special is a charming and inspiring book. Proving that if you truly believe in yourself you can do anything. The author Rhea Mayfield is proof of this.



Yvonne Lee - U.K.

October 2, 2013


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